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As the pace of IT evolution continues to quicken, the ability to offer robust solutions to increasingly complicated questions becomes a real point of difference. By partnering with over 70 providers, True Return Investment Consulting ensures that we can deliver the right answers every time.

Cloud Services

Demand for cloud-based solutions continues to grow as more and more popular business applications move to the cloud. We present our customers with services focused on their cloud-based business needs from data storage and security to disaster recovery and colocation. 


We connect customers with the flexible and scalable network services needed to support their business. Whether a few miles away or across the country, our providers help your customers stay in sync. Find the most reliable and secure network services available from the most reputable providers. 

Expense Management Services

Eliminate the hassle of managing and closely monitoring telecommunication expenses. Expense management solutions offer important and useful tools to easily monitor telecommunication expenses for voice, data and managed services.


Internet Service

There are many ways to access the internet and our providers know them all. Some even pioneered them from traditional DSL to advanced dedicated data pipes. Whatever services our customer needs, they are ready to roll.  


Managed Services

 We give customers a peace of mind knowing their IT services are being managed by expert providers. We help customers spend less time on everyday IT tasks and more time focused on their business. Customers with limited IT staff who want to improve efficiencies and reduce hardware costs can choose from best-in-class managed service providers. 


Merchant Services

Whatever size of your business, whatever industry , we have payment processing solutions to fit your specific needs.  Need assistance processing credit cards? We can help. Need equipment? We have it. Need security solutions? Turn to us.  Whatever you're looking for in a payment processing partner, you'll find the answer in us!


Mobility Services

 We offer our customers quality, full-range mobility services from the nation’s top wireless providers at the most competitive prices. From quoting, to order processing, to delivering vendor agnostic proposals, our mobility experts have the tools and support you need to help our customers succeed. 


Security Services

Our focus is on providing highly available cyber secure video surveillance, access control, video verification, and alarm systems in the cloud.  


Voice Services

 We give your customers the reliable voice services needed to stay connected. Whether looking for traditional phone, hosted voice or more advanced solutions, our providers offer cost-effective and scalable services to maintain vital business communications. 

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